Law Enforcement

ProAct - Law Enforcement Tracking Products

Pegasus has developed a line of tracking solutions specifically for law enforcement agencies that are looking to implement or expand their own Bait Bike or other Bait Property tracking programs. Because of the covert nature of these products, we have limited information available for public view. Please email us for more detailed information and pricing. Our Law Enforcement products consist of the following items:

  1. Bait Bike and Stolen Property Tracking Solutions
  2. High Power RF Tracking Beacons
  3. Miniature RF transmitters and hand held tracking receivers
  4. ETS/ProNet compatible beacons and tracking receivers
  5. Custom installation of tracking devices into unique bait property items



MicroTrac - Radio Frequency Transmitter Ad-On for existing GPS trackers.

Pegasus manufactures the MicroTrac Radio Frequency Transmitter designed specifically to give Radio Frequency tracking capability to existing GPS tracking units. This unit is very small and can be activated remotely or automatically via a tamper input.


VectorTrac - Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

Pegasus manufactures the VectorTrac Stolen Vehicle Recovery System and offers this system to companies around the world wishing to offer a stolen vehicle recovery solution in their home country. Due to FCC regulations, VectorTrac is not available in the USA.

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