Spylamp 2 Product Info

What is it?

Spylamp2 is a covert tracking device that is disguised as a bicycle tail light. The device is disguised to look like a normal rear light and it works as a normal rear light as well. If someone steals your bike, you can use Spylamp2 to track their movements online and on your mobile.


Free Online Tracking Service

Should your bicycle be stolen, this vibration activated tracker will begin uploading its coordinates to our free online service. You can log into the WhereIsIt page and see where your bicycle was taken.


Inexpensive to run

Install a pay-as-you-go SIM from your country. We do not charge for our tracking service. It is free to use. The tracker does not send an SMS each time it uploads. Tracking is very cheap with only a small amount of data being sent during tracking.



Vibration armed

When you lock your bicycle up, you can arm the tracker by holding the on/off button down for 3 seconds. Should the bicycle then detect movement, it will send you an SMS to alert you. It will then automatically start uploading its position. You can then logon and track your bike.


GSM fallback

Should your bicycle be inside a building it may not be able to obtain a GPS lock. In this case it will fall back to GSM positioning. This is less accurate but will give you an indication of where your bicycle is until it can obtain a better lock.



The tracker contains a rechargable lithium battery and comes with a charger. The tracker can go for months between charges so long as you remember to disarm the tracker before riding your bike.



The trackers main defence is disguise. It is designed to look inconspicuous. It appears as a regular rear light and you (and your thief) can use it as one.



Initial configuration is done by sending the unit SMS text messages. Once it is installed, you should not need to send it SMS messages again. It is armed using the on/off button.



Your tracker requires a SIM card. Since it will use very little credit it is usually most cost effective to buy a pay-as-you-go SIM and just top it up occasionally.



Spylamp2 comes with 2 different seatpost clamp sizes. One designed especially for small 27.2mm standard seaposts and then a larger clamp with an adjustable rubber strap.



Bicycle tail lights are not expensive but people still steal them. Spylamp2 is attached with a special security screw to prevent casual thieves. You receive the matching driver with your tracker.


How to set up and configure your Spylamp 2 with an AT&T SIM card

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Spylamp 2

$148.00 USD (includes shipping in the U.S.)



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NOTE: You will need an activated SIM card. In the USA, these can be obtained from: