Stolen Property Tracking


A Frustrating Problem

Cargo theft, vehicle burglary, bicycle theft, and other types of property theft cause enormous financial losses in every community and are a huge burden on law enforcement. Not only are these criminals difficult to catch in the act but most thieves are serial in nature and will continue their criminal behavior, committing countless thefts, until they are captured.


A Proactive Solution

Adding to its line of proactive “Bait” products, Pegasus Technologies, Inc. has developed the ProAct-IV Stolen Property Tracking System. Designed to combat many types of property theft, the ProAct-IV is a flexible and very effective means of putting an early end to the criminal’s career.


While the ProAct-IV is a completely portable and self-contained monitoring and tracking system, it is also compatible and interoperable with existing city-wide law enforcement Electronic Tracking Systems (ETS), allowing easy integration into existing electronic tracking programs.


How it Works


The system consists of six components:

1 Motion Activated Transmitter
2 Alert Monitor
3 Mobile Tracking Receiver
4 Hand-Held Receiver
5 Invisible Clue Spray
6 Battery-Powered Ultraviolet Light

The Motion Activated Transmitter is hidden within any high-value item or cargo likely to be stolen. This bait item is then covered with fluorescent Clue Spray, visible only when viewed under an ultraviolet light.

The bait item is left in the targeted area and the Motion Activated Transmitter is armed. If the system is being used to combat vehicle burglary, a bait vehicle is left unattended and the bait item is placed visibly within the vehicle.

Once the item is stolen, the hidden transmitter is automatically activated and begins sending its silent tracking signal. The Alert Monitor, installed within reception range of the transmitter, receives the transmitter’s signal and sends a message to a predetermined pager or cell phone. The bait item can now be tracked and located using the Mobile Tracking and Hand-Held Receivers. Once the stolen item is located, suspects may be further identified by checking for the presence of Clue Spray.



Law enforcement and the entire community benefit from the immediate capture of thieves that would otherwise continue in their criminal efforts. This often leads to the recovery of additional stolen property and the solving of other theft crimes. While property theft will always be a problem, the ProAct-IV System gives law enforcement another powerful tool to make a real difference in the community.


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