MicroTrac Radio Frequency Tracking Transmitter

While GPS tracking systems are quite effective at tracking vehicles and equipment out on the open road, they lack the ability to track items that have been taken indoors, containerized, or otherwise moved out of GPS satellite reception. 



Adding to its line of Radio Frequency tracking products, Pegasus Technologies, Inc. has developed the MicroTrac Radio Frequency Tracking Transmitter, a miniature (RF) tracking transmitter capable of interfacing with virtually any existing GPS tracking product on the market. The MicroTrac device can be supplied in an OEM form factor that can be through-hole mounted onto a PC board, or it can be supplied in its own enclosure with an interface wire assembly. The device measures just 1.9 inches long by 0.8 inches wide and about 0.3 inches thick, can be powered from 7 to 35 volts, and transmits 500 milliwatts of RF power in the 400-470MHz band. The transmitter is equipped with an onboard microcontroller and a 1200-baud modem and encodes a unique identification number along with the ignition status of the vehicle in which it is installed in each tracking beacon transmission. The MicroTrac transmitter has two activation inputs and has been designed to allow for automatic activation in case its host GPS device is removed from the vehicle. Other features include a 1200 baud external com port, optional backup battery, several antenna options, and input status reporting. The Pegasus PT5901 Mobile Tracking Receiver is used to track the MicroTrac Transmitter from a vehicle or aircraft.


MicroTrac with keys (Chevy car key not included)

How it works

The MicroTrac Transmitter is hidden anywhere within the vehicle. It is powered from the vehicle electrical system and has an optional rechargeable backup battery. The same unit can be installed in 12 or 24 volt vehicles. The transmitter is activated through one of its two inputs and will then transmit a pulsed VectorTrac compatible radio-tracking signal. This signal can then be tracked using standard VectorTrac equipment such as SATs, RTRs, and Mobile Tracking Receivers.





Input 1 will connect to an Active-Low output of any GPS device. To activate the transmitter, simply remotely activate that output on the GPS device. When the GPS device output goes low, the transmitter will begin transmitting its tracking signal, encoded with its unique ID number and the ignition status of the vehicle. To turn off the transmitter, simply send a command to remotely reset the output on the GPS device.


Input 2 will connect to a constant ground point on the GPS device itself such as the chassis ground or a constantly grounded output.  If the GPS device were to be located by the car thief and disconnected or removed from the vehicle, the removal of the ground state on Input 2 will activate the MicroTrac Transmitter which will then begin transmitting its tracking signal until manually reset by a tracking technician.

Mobile Tracker

PT5901 Mobile Tracking Receiver (comes with free pen!)

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More Information on MicroTrac

For more information on purchasing a MicroTrac transmitter or Mobile Tracking reciever, please contact Jason Cecchettini at (916) 920-3274